WIP Tuesday – Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl

Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl
Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl – Try to say that three times fast.

Being in the midst of a hot and heavy summer, I decided it was high time to finish my Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl.  I don’t live too far from the “Jersey Shore”.  As a child I would spend a week with my extended family, enjoying the sun and sand.  When I got older, the trips were mostly with friends in the off-season to avoid the insane traffic.  But the allure of the sea lapping the sands remains with me to this day.  It’s mystical, ethereal, and haunting.

Today’s WIP is a fairly easy asymmetric shawl that I designed with the notion that I could make changes to the stitches for diversity.  The mathematics are easy:  decrease on one side and keep the other side straight.  Sometimes a particular stitch doesn’t work so either I fudge the ends or find another stitch.

This particular shawl, though basically 100% double crochets, has one new technique.  It’s the Chainless Starting Double Crochet by Moogly.  (I found an update to the stitch while looking for the link that I’ll have to try with another project.)

Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl

Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl
Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl – A close up of the increase side

Though basically still a prototype for the final pattern, I wanted to have a usable item.  I chose Scheepjes Stonewashed in Moonstone (801), Green Agate (815), and Coral (816) because the colors reminded me of my summers spent down the Shore.  You could think of them as Caribbean colors.  But since I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to visit, I’m sticking with what I know best. 🙂

The double crochet stitches are open enough to allow the sea breeze though, while the cotton/acrylic blend is warm enough for those chilly nights.

Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn
Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn – The colors I chose to represent my childhood summer vacations

The key to this shawl is the way the colors are laid out.  I started with a majority of Moonstone since there is mostly sand on the shore.  Then I added the Green Agate (which is more of a turquoise) and Coral which are the colors I think of when I think of the Shore.  I started with one row of the colors, a row of the Moonstone and then two rows of the colors with one row of the Moonstone.  Continuing in that pattern, I hope to end with four rows of the colors before I finish off with either a final row of Moonstone or a row of fan stitches as a border in either the Green Agate or Coral.

Now to take a break and cool off with some ice cream before finishing this evening.  Summer storms as rolling in and the temperatures are forecast to be a tiny bit cooler for the rest of the week.

Have you crocheted any summer projects that bring back memories of your childhood?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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