What’s on My Bobbin? – A Tribute to a Volcano

Tribute to a Volcano
Tribute to a Volcano – The second ply waiting to be spun.

The fiber I am ever so slowly putting onto my bobbin is a tribute to a volcano.  Don’t ask me which one since they are all show the undeniable destructive power of Mother Nature.  But in a volcano’s destruction lies regeneration and beauty.  As the hot lava cools it creates new land that is rich in minerals.

The Earth is forever changing, even though we can’t always see it due to our short lives.  There is a continual churning of the Earth’s crust.  It’s sort of (in my mind) like kneading a ball of yeast bread dough.  The outside is folded inward which forces the inside outward.

This could be an interesting experiment the next time I make a loaf of bread.  I’ll add food coloring and see how it is distributed as I knead.  What a simple, but fun way to experience science!  You are never to old to learn and boy do I love to learn.

Back to the Fiber

Tribute to a Volcano
Tribute to a Volcano – The remaining fiber. You can see a bit of the flyer that is attached.

I purchased this roving a few months ago from my Local Yarn Store because I liked the “hot” colors.  I’m not sure what the dyer was thinking because the roving has no name, but she (or he) totally nailed the temperature range of hot lava.  It starts as brilliant white hot yellow that ever so slowly cools through the oranges until you can almost touch the purple without burning your fingers.

This tribute to a volcano has no predetermined purpose.  I don’t have a project in mind for it.  Nor do I know if I will keep it in my stash.  It may very well end up as a listing in my Etsy shop for someone else to enjoy.  We shall see.

The Spin

Tribute to a Volcano
Tribute to a Volcano – This is such an easy and fun spin.

This fiber is 100% Merino wool that is flowing through my fingers like butter.  It’s a lovely spin and so easy to keep the yarn consistent.  Looking at it on the bobbin, I really want to spend the rest of the day at my wheel.  Unfortunately,  other obligations require my attention first so it might still be a few more days before I can sit down and enjoy myself.

When I do get the time to finish this yarn, I will once again spin it as a fractal.  How can I deny that this is my favorite way to spin the colors of hand painted fiber?  It’s so much fun to see the way that the colors combine and shift through the strands of yarn.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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