Misc. Monday – The Trouble with New Jersey Summers

Flowers in pots
Flowers in pots

The trouble with New Jersey summers has got to be the unbelievable humidity.  I hate it!  It might be only 81.7°F, but I feel like I’ve been running a 25,000km marathon.  The relative humidity at the moment is 85% and showers are forecast for the rest of the week with cooler temperatures than it has been lately.

It’s not even 10 in the morning and I need another shower.  I ended up turning on the dehumidifying feature on my AC just to feel comfortable in my home.  And no, I haven’t been sitting on my bunny bum all morning.  I cleaned the bunny cage and that is a bit of a task when just picking up a teaspoon is a chore on days like this.

Thankfully, the humidity during the recent heatwave was not bad.  Can you imagine if it was as humid as it is now?  There would have been puddings blobbing around on the sidewalks and not human beings.

The Trouble with New Jersey Summers

Nasturtiums after last night's rain
Nasturtiums after last night’s rain – edibles for the bun sisters

Besides the mostly insane humidity, the crazy Shore traffic can be a bit much on Fridays afternoons.  This why most trips are during the off season when I’m only one of a handful of people traveling the length of Long Beach Island.  No stopping and starting.  Or rather, mostly being at a standstill.  And getting onto the Island is a huge lesson in patience, defensive driving, and giving everyone “the Jersey Bird”.

The Good Things about New Jersey Summers

–The fireflies – I love these little guys flitting about as they light up the nights.  I’ve seen more of them this year than the last few.  It was a concern that they were going extinct.  Hopefully, this isn’t their last hurrah before they disappear forever.

One of the many marigolds in my yard
One of the many marigolds in my yard

–The length of daylight – S.A.D. is definitely a thing that affects me.  I hate the short winter days and there is a countdown to the Summer Solstice on my calendar.  Though once midsummer has passed, it almost seems like the summer is over.  The days are getting shorter and fall gets closer.  However, it’s summer and I can forget about that for a little while.  It’s still fairly light outside at 8:45 pm so I don’t have to shut the shades and think about going to bed.

–The wicked thunderstorms – There is nothing more spectacularly frightening than a good ole thunderstorm.  Watching the lightning suddenly turn the night sky to daytime is beautiful.  Though nothing can beat the weirdness of a dry lightning.  It looks so strange because it runs horizontal and not vertical.  I only saw it once, but golly it was fascinating!

Ribwort Plantain
Ribwort Plantain – this grows as a “weed” in my yard. I give this to the bun sisters and they love it!

–The plants in the garden – I love having plants in the garden and flower beds.  My favorite to plant is the marigold, especially the deep orange with red flowers.  Along the side of the road is what I call “Bachelor’s Button on a Stick”.  Don’t ask what it’s really called.  I usually see them when I’m driving around and by the time I’m settled in front of the computer I forget to find out what they are actually called.

There are quite a few more things I appreciate about New Jersey summers.  I won’t write about them as I will ramble on and on and you’ll end up falling asleep.  So I’ll leave it there for now.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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