What’s on My Bobbin? – A Tribute to a Volcano

Tribute to a Volcano
Tribute to a Volcano – The second ply waiting to be spun.

The fiber I am ever so slowly putting onto my bobbin is a tribute to a volcano.  Don’t ask me which one since they are all show the undeniable destructive power of Mother Nature.  But in a volcano’s destruction lies regeneration and beauty.  As the hot lava cools it creates new land that is rich in minerals.

The Earth is forever changing, even though we can’t always see it due to our short lives.  There is a continual churning of the Earth’s crust.  It’s sort of (in my mind) like kneading a ball of yeast bread dough.  The outside is folded inward which forces the inside outward.

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The Bright Rainbow Singles – Looking for a Pattern

Want Ad
Want Ad – Two skeins looking for the perfect crochet pattern

Now that the bright rainbow singles are done, I am looking for a pattern to crochet.  With 1062 yards of sport weight yarn there is more than enough for a nice sized shawl or wrap.  A fancy stitch would be lost as your eyes is drawn to the bright, vibrant colors.  That being said, the yarn would look nice crocheted into a Seraphina Shawl.  But I’ve done too many of those already.  I want something different.

Last Thursday I wrote a post about fulling the Bright Rainbow Singles.  As the week has progressed the last skein has relaxed a teeny bit more.  I’m looking forward to winding them into cakes to see how the colors change from being on skeins.  I don’t expect anything terribly dramatic, but I believe that there are longer lengths of color that what I can see now.

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Misc. Monday – Fine Weekend for Dyeing

It was a fine weekend for dyeing
It was a fine weekend for dyeing

The weather finally decided to get with the program so it was a fine weekend for dyeing fiber and yarn.  I have been itching to pull out the colors for weeks, maybe months.  However, it has rained more days than not so trying to get anything to dry would have been next to impossible at best.

But this weekend…  Oh, this weekend…  What a fine time to be alive if you are a skein of undyed yarn or fiber!  There is nothing like a good makeover to bring you out of the doldrums.  Okay…  Maybe not.  I don’t wear makeup and no one is allowed near my head with a pair of scissors.

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Beginner Crochet Series – The Double Crochet Stitch into the Chain

After a few weeks off, I hope you are ready to tackle the double crochet stitch into the chain.  You should have the hang of single crochet and half-double crochet stitches by now.  Your chains should be looking amazing.  Keep up the good work!

The double crochet stitch is the iconic crochet stitch.  It is used for the classic granny square.  You will see it in ripple afghans, filet crochet, the fan stitch, and so much more.  There will be more double crochet stitches on your resume than any other stitch.

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WIP Tuesday – How Many WIP’s are too Many?

Game of the Day
Game of the Day – How Many WIP’s Can You See?

Can a crocheter ever have too many WIP’s?  Is it even possible?  I guess it is, especially if there are more WIP hours than hours in a person’s life.  But all the pretty patterns and yarns!  It’s a struggle to choose one over another.

Take for instance the Hygge CAL I am finally working on.  I had to have it when the kit first became available.  And though you couldn’t technically call it a WIP until I started making the 60 chains a few weeks ago, it sat on my bed for over a year.  For over said year I moved it from the bed to the stool every morning and the reverse every evening.

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Beginner Crochet Series – The Single Crochet into the Chain Stitch, Part Two

Hello, everyone and welcome to this week’s lesson on making a single crochet into the back hump of a chain stitch.  Hopefully, you have been practicing your chain stitches as well as working on identifying the parts of each stitch.  This week we will be making our first of many single crochets.  If you want to review Part One, please click here.

Since you are going to be putting the first single crochets into your most recent chain stitches, they should be much easier to work with than the first chain stitches that your did when you first started.

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The Kindness Wrap

The Kindness Wrap
The Kindness Wrap

Previously known last week as Unnamed Pattern #1, I decided that The Kindness Wrap was a much better choice.  I am continuing my theme of being kind towards others.  It’s a tough world we live in and kindness will go a long way towards making it better.

This is a fun and easy pattern with an unusual shape.  Starting with three double crochets, the pattern grows on one side before becoming a rectangle that lays across the back.  To finish this wrap the double crochets are decreased until you reach the final point.

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Combining Individual Talents to Create a True Family Project

Mom's bag
The finished family project just in time for spring.

Everyone in my immediate family has their own creative talents.  Some of these talents overlap since Mom and I both crochet while I spin some of the yarn Mom likes to use in her knitting.  My Dad takes over the mechanical aspect of things when hardware is involved like adding grommets to the sock yarn bags my Mom sews.  Sometimes all three of us collaborate to create a true family project like the one I am showcasing today.  This one became even more multigenerational as you will see below.

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Future Spring Pattern Releases

I have several pattern releases planned, but writing them down is the biggest challenge for me.  It’s all clear in my mind.  But unless you are in my brain, you would have no idea how I did what I did.  I can’t even help myself since my notes are all over the place.  However, writing patterns is a new adventure for me and I enjoy learning.  Eventually, I will get myself organized and writing patterns will become second nature.

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