Freelance Writer for Hire

I am a Freelance Writer and these are the services that I am offering:


Do you have an article that you need written for your website or blog?  Do you need a Facebook post that advertises a sale you are having?  Or are you just looking for someone to straighten out that jumbled mess of ideas you wrote on a piece of scrap paper?  Well, I’m here to offer you my services.  I’m also pretty darn good at writing step-by-step instructions for general office procedures or straightforward computer software.

Editing and Proofreading

Freelance Writer
Freelance Writer for Hire

Are you looking for someone to proofread an article you have written?  Look no further!  I can help you.  I have spent many years writing creatively for myself as a hobby, but don’t let that mislead you.  As I reread my stories, I find myself constantly checking both grammar and spelling, not because my writing is horrible, but because editing my own words is difficult.  They are my own words and I am blind to them as a mother is blind to the imperfections of her child.  However, I do find them and I am quick to correct my mistakes.

As I read other people’s writings, I understand that often the author is blind to their own work as they write passionately so I do not judge their mistakes as others do.  Readers are so quick to judge the author as less than worthy because of a typographical, spelling, or grammatical error, leading them to oppose to the viewpoint of the author.  They look for reasons to scoff at what has been written.  They forget that we are human and humans make many mistakes.

Web Design

In an attempt to keep myself well-rounded, I have decided to add Web Design to my list of offered services.  This seems to go hand-in-hand with writing as many websites need informative text as well as pretty pictures with cool transitions.  I’ve also found that I enjoy working with HTML5 and CSS3 to create web pages that are more than just black letters on an otherwise white page.

Other Considerations About My Work

I may be just starting out in this business, but I am willing to learn.  Whether it be how many bones are in a human foot or how to format a webpage to show off your latest cake recipe, I soak up knowledge like the proverbial sponge.  I take pride in being thorough, but if I am missing something, please let me know.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.

As I begin this endeavor, please bear with me as I will not be able to accept large projects, though long term work will be considered.

Do you have a specific deadline?  Please let me know so that we can avoid any confusion or hard feelings.  I want you to be happy with the work that I do.  I would feel horrible if I let you down.  If for some reason I can not meet your deadline, I would rather let you know sooner rather than later.

Some of My Work

As well as the various posts I have written on this blog, here is a list of projects I am especially proud of:

  • Omnifood – Fictitious food delivery company.  This is the webpage I created as the project for the first Web Design class I took.  It was a great learning experience and makes me hungry to learn more!


Thinking of hiring me?  Terrific!  Let’s get to the part no one really likes to discuss.  Just as you need to make money for your business, I need to feed my two rabbits and put a roof over my own head so please bear with me on this part.

General writing – $25 per 500 words

Set of instructions – $20 per hour of time learning the office procedure or software and $20 for each page of instructions (including print screens if applicable)

Proofreading and editing an article – $30 for a 1000 word document

Web Design – Rates to be determined

Currently, I am only accepting Paypal.

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