Handspun Yarn

Are you tired of the same old yarn you find in the stores?  Are you looking for some sparkly yarn for your next scarf?  Why don’t you hop over to my Etsy Shop?  I sell my handspun yarn in many textures and colors.

I took my first drop spindle spinning lesson in October of 2016.  I made what can only be described as “rope”.  But, hey!  It was my first skein of handspun yarn and I was extremely proud of myself.  Over the next several months I practiced until my plies became thinner and more consistent.

Something was missing, though.  I wanted more.  I wanted my own spinning wheel, darn it!  But a wheel is a major investment for someone on a limited budget.  The Universe heard my whimpers; ordering my favorite hated Uncle Sam to place some greenbacks in my account.

A few nights later, I brought home Loki.

He isn’t a fancy wheel, but he’s my wheel.  And, yeah, he can have a bit of an opinion that people can hear for miles, but he is part of the family now.  Surprisingly, the bun sisters didn’t think the next apocalypse had walked through the door and they seem to enjoy watching me spin.

Speaking of the bun sisters, I have been dutifully collecting their fiber to someday spin into fluffy white yarn.

Sidenote:  The first “yarn” I spun on Loki was a disaster!  It was all curly q’s and knots.  Ugh!  I was convinced I was going to be a total failure.  Had I wasted my money?  I wanted to cry.  One of the other spinners fell in love with my “yarn” and insisted she wanted it.  Alright…  Was she being nice or was she a few fries short?  Well, as a birthday gift a few months later she presented me with a cute coaster she had woven.  It was my “yarn”!  Yeah, it still looks badly spun, but it’s now a piece of art and a reminder of how far I’ve come.