Beginner Crochet Series – Learning How to Do the Slip Knot

Today we are finally going to start getting our hands dirty.  Okay, so it’s not that exciting in the grand scheme of crochet.  But it is important nevertheless.  We are going to be learning how to do the slip knot.

The slip knot is the absolute first thing that your hook will do for most of your crochet projects.  It is the yarn’s anchor so the whole thing doesn’t unravel.  It is the starting point.  Having said that, once it has been created, crocheters tend to forget about it since it’s not counted as a chain stitch.

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The BFL Spin in Done!

The two-ply and the single
The two-ply and the single

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished the BFL spin.  It was such a pleasure to ply the yarn and put it on the niddy noddy.  As always, my spinning came out better than I thought it would.  When I spin the singles I imagine them as horrid pieces of rope.  I ask myself what ever possessed me to spin.  In my heart I know it’s low confidence and that I have come a long way from the pile of knots I first spun over a year ago.

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Trying to Create a Rectangular Basket Pattern

Tangled yarn web
The many strands of yarn that show my first two rectangular basket prototypes

They say that “necessity is the mother of all invention” which is certainly true as I continue my attempt at creating a rectangular basket pattern.  I’ve been trying to tackle this for several months now.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it shouldn’t be this difficult.

I need to write a versatile basket pattern that I can adapt into several sizes.  With the excessive amount of Red Heart Super Saver I have collected over the years, I’m certainly not lacking color choices.  It’s writing the bottom of the pattern that is proving difficult for me.

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WIP Tuesday – Spring Cleaning the Spindle Spun Continues

Spindle spun springtime yarn
Springtime yarn I spun on my spindle last year

The yellow tulips just at the bottom of my steps are pushing through the cold, hard ground as I continue spring cleaning my spindle spun yarns.  Today’s project celebrates the spring season, though it seems to be late this year.  Six days ago I woke to 10 1/2 inches of snow on my deck and it’s still hanging around.  Is it too much to ask for warm, sunny days so I can sit outside with Loki and spin my heart out?

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Beginner Crochet Series – Inserting Your Hook into the Chain’s Back Hump

Last week we talked about the parts of a chain stitch and why it’s the foundation of crochet.  Today I want to do a bit of an editorial on why I choose to do the first row in the back hump of my chain stitches.  The only time I stray from this is if I am working in the round, such as a Granny square, a triangular shawl, or a cowl.

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What’s on My Bobbin? – Spinning a Wintry Batt

Sunlight in the Snow batt
The sunlight reflecting off the snowy batt

In honor of the snow that fell yesterday, I spun a wintry batt that is reflecting today’s melting snow.  The sparkle nestled in the white Romney looks like the sunlight on the snow this morning.  It’s amazing how the dreariness of yesterday’s storm evolved into something so beautiful today.  The snow is continuing to fall, but this time it’s the sun melting the snow on the tree branches.

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Adapting a Pattern to Suit Your Needs

Feather and Fan Shawl Adaption
Adapting the Feather and Fan Shawl into a cowl

There are many times that adapting a pattern to suit your needs is something that you have to do.  Whether you don’t have enough yarn or you need to adjust the size, the pattern as it is written may need some tweaking.  In this situation you need to step out of your comfort zone and do a little math with some trial and error before you get the result you want.

Sometimes you may need to scrap the pattern altogether and find another project for your yarn.  I’ve been known to put my yarn aside for quite a while as I wait for the right pattern to come along.

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WIP Tuesday – Using Some of My First Handspun Yarn

Today's WIP
A Granny Stitch Cowl with some of my first handspun yarns

Today’s WIP is a combo project using some of the handspun yarn I spindle spun in the beginning of my spinning adventures.  (Is you head spinning yet from that sentence?  Mine is.  LOL)  The yarn has been sitting in a box at the foot of my bed for over a year.  As the spring cleaning bug continues in my home, I decided to wind the skeins into balls so I was sure to use them.

With the sparkle and green that I plied with gray, I didn’t want a fancy stitch lost in the colors.  When I thought about it, the Granny Stitch seemed like the best option.  Quick and easy was the way to go because I really want this project done.  I don’t want it to sit around for ages.

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Be Kind – Words to Live By

This morning has been hectic and nerve-racking.  Yuki, the white and black bun sister, wasn’t eating her breakfast.  For a rabbit, refusing to eat is not a good sign so I went into watchful panic mode, silently begging her to nibble something.  Then I ran out of hay and was dangerously close to running out of bunny greens.  So off to Tractor Supply and the local grocery store I went.

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