Beginner Crochet Series – Quick Crochet Stitch Review

Single thru Treble stitches
Single thru Treble stitches

Today I want to do a quick crochet stitch review of the stitches you have learned so far.  Consider this a “cheat sheet” so feel free to bookmark this post.  Though I haven’t mentioned the treble crochet stitch yet, you should be able to figure it out until I do that post.

The photo to the right should give you a good indication of how each stitch looks.  So if your stitches don’t match, please review the previous posts.  I will add links to the original posts next to each stitch for your convenience.

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WIP Tuesday – Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl

Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl
Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl – Try to say that three times fast.

Being in the midst of a hot and heavy summer, I decided it was high time to finish my Asymmetrical Seashore Shawl.  I don’t live too far from the “Jersey Shore”.  As a child I would spend a week with my extended family, enjoying the sun and sand.  When I got older, the trips were mostly with friends in the off-season to avoid the insane traffic.  But the allure of the sea lapping the sands remains with me to this day.  It’s mystical, ethereal, and haunting.

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Beginner Crochet Series – The Double Crochet Stitch into the Next Row

Today’s lesson is doing the double crochet stitch into the next row after the chain (and beyond).  This is where most people get frustrated if they don’t understand the parts of a stitch because they were not properly taught.  Those picture instructions in the back of most crochet books don’t spell out where the last stitch of a row needs to go.  This leads to wonky and lopsided projects.  Believe me.  I’ve done it on several occasions in the past.  I still have the afghan to prove it.

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