What’s on My Bobbin? – Some of My First Hand Painted Fiber

The Chocolate and Mint Spin
The Chocolate and Mint Spin

Several weeks ago I started making my own hand painted fiber.  After my heavy-handed first attempt at dyeing in a roasting pan, I figured I would have more control with this technique.  And I do indeed.  This is becoming an addictive part of working with fiber.  I try to block at least one day a week to have fun and make a heck of a mess.  This usually falls on Sundays so I can hang the fiber out with the week’s laundry.

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What’s on My Bobbin? – Embers from a Summer Campfire

Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers
Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers

Today’s “What’s on My Bobbin?” is the Embers colorway from Fuzzyfrog Fibers.  I picked up this braid last September when I went to New Jersey Sheep and Wool.  This is one of several braids, mostly named after locations in Middle Earth, that I was drawn to.  Choosing something to spin this week was a challenge because I wanted to spin everything in my stash.  I ended up blindly reaching into the box and spinning what came out.  It turns out that this was a good choice.

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Spring has Finally Sprung

The four skeins finished
These are the four skeins I finished recently.

It’s wonderful that spring has finally decided to show herself.  I wonder what happened to her.  Someone must have insulted her pretty bad for her to wait this long to come out.  I’m glad she’s finally back because the weather this weekend was wonderful.  I had all the windows in my home open, letting in the fresh air.

My lilac bush is starting to sprout leaves and I can’t wait to smell its flowers’ fragrance.  The jury is still out as to whether or not the sage and lavender made it through the harsh winter.  It’s not looking so good for them at this moment.  I still need to plant the willows I got in late February, but they should take easily so I can cut sticks for the bun sisters to enjoy.

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Rambling on a Monday Morning

Fractal Spin as of Monday Morning
This is today’s project so far. Check back later for the end result.

It’s Monday morning and the bun sisters are enjoying fresh hay while I sit at my computer trying to figure out what to write.  It will probably be another rambling post, since I don’t have a set topic for Mondays.

The weather is overcast and somewhat chilly with light blue heading this way.  I don’t think it will amount to more than a dusting if I even see one of those white “things” falling from the sky.  Rumor has it that the temperatures are going to warm up later this week.  Could that imaginary season of spring actually be heading this way?  Nah.  It’s all myth and legends, I tell ya’.

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What’s on My Bobbin? – “Wishing for Spring” Merino Roving

Wishing for Spring Merino Roving
Wishing for Spring Merino Roving

Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster around here.  If the wind wasn’t threatening to blow the roof off my home, I was dealing with what I can only conclude was a direct result of Mercury being in Retrograde.  All I could do to keep myself sane was to spin some new hand painted Merino roving.

Though by the end of the afternoon yesterday I threw in the towel. The wind was howling and my stress levels were threatening to turn perfectly good fiber into a tangled mess. I put Loki back in the kitchen and spent the rest of the evening watching Minecraft videos on You Tube. It was hard not to cheer up as I watched Mumbo Jumbo’s total fail in his latest video.

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Fractal Spinning a Bluefaced Leicester Braid

For my first “What’s on my Bobbin?”, I would like to introduce you to my half-finished Fractal Spinning a Bluefaced Leicester Braid.  Because I only have four bobbins for my Louet S17, my spinning projects should be fairly easy to have a “Finished Project Follow Up” blog post written for them.

BFL Fractal
This is the second half of the BFL Fractal Spin I am currently doing.

I really wish I could remember exactly which booth I bought this fiber from.  I really do.  But that day at New Jersey Sheep and Wool was such a blur.  It was my first time there as a spinner looking for fiber and I was so overwhelmed.  I tried my best to grab business cards and keep receipts with the fiber, but I failed for this braid.  At the very least I am sure that it is a Bluefaced Leicester because I clearly remember the sign above the display. Continue reading “Fractal Spinning a Bluefaced Leicester Braid”